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The Host School

·        Students will be living and studying on the campus of Huangshan University,located in the most famous tourist city in the East of China. The university has a student population of about 18,000 students and boasts the fame of being the model of application-oriented college education in China.



·        Learn Mandarin and Chinese Culture.

·        Travel the world and broaden your world view and cultural understanding.

·        Promote mutual understanding between the young people and make new friends.

·        Learn about How to do Business in China (taught in English).

Eligibility & Duration:

·        Anygraduate or undergraduate student from sister schools

·        From 15th May to 30th July (10 weeks)

Language Requirement:

·        Previous knowledge of Chinese is not required.

Culture Experience

·        The beautiful Huangshan Mountains, a UNESCO Natural & World Heritage site, are about an hour north of town.

·        Two well preserved ancient villages, Xidi and Hongcun, are less than an hour away and are also UNESCO World Heritage sites.



The Dormitory

·        Students will be living in the International Student Dormitory with other international students.Each dorm room has two single beds, two study desks, western style bathroom with shower, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi.Each floor of the dormitory has a full kitchen with washing machines and dryers.



Program fees:

·        Huangshan University decided to waive the tuition charges since 2016 and each American or European student will receive a 2500/month ($403) scholarship from the Chinese government during the length of this program.

·        Below is a detailed of the costs.

Huangshan University dorm:500/month ( $80)

Travel expenses from your cityto Huangshan: $1200, Chinese visa fees: $160

Food for 10 weeks in China (estimate): $500


·        Jordan Shen, HSU Coordinator of the Ten-week-CreditProgram in China

E-mail: # with @ when sending)             Tel: 0086-559-2546770

The Deadline and Documents to Apply: Copies of your passport along with your resume is required to send to the above address before15th April every year.

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